[mythtv] Problems in new checkout of mythtv -- dbcheck.cpp

David Shay david at shay.net
Mon Apr 19 23:09:06 EDT 2004

Tried to download most recent CVS  -- even deleted my whole local tree and 
re-downloaded.  A few problems in dbcheck.cpp.  First of all, there is a new 
version "1039" which appears to just recreate "programgenres" using the same 
syntax as was in version "1038".

Before it even gets that far, however, a fresh install dies on "1015".  Here 
is the error:

DB Error (Performing database upgrade):
Query was:
ALTER TABLE dvb_sat CHANGE lnb_log_switch lnb_lof_switch INTEGER DEFAULT 
Driver error was [2/1054]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
Unknown column 'lnb_log_switch' in 'dvb_sat'

In looking at the source, it would appear that the the column is currently 
called lnb_log_switch not lnb_lof_switch.  There was a reference to this a 
while back, don't know what happened.  I *SWEAR* I did this yesterday on a 
different machine and had no problem.  Now, however. I delete the whole 
"mythtv " directory, do a cvs login and then a cvs checkout of mythtv, and I 
have this problem.  I'm 99 44/100% sure this is user error, just can't 
identify what the problem is right now...  Anybody?

This might be related to the fact that now that an update fails, it drops out 
entirely.  My guess is that before that patch, this would have been OK, but 
no longer is.  Anyway, looks like it needs some work, but I figure the last 
thing we need right now is another patch to dbcheck.cpp -- I'll let the 
experts handle that one...

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