[mythtv] [PATCH] Allow channel changes across inputs on the same card.

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Sun Apr 18 20:47:55 EDT 2004

Bruce Markey wrote:

> Entering a channel number or choosing a channel from the EPG
> during LiveTV worked. However, I would get two "Found channel
> on another input" messages per input change. Is this because it
> has two other inputs to check? It might also be a good idea to
> include another verbose message to show the card and input as
> this may help with debugging user issues down the line.

Yeah, I'll make those messages more verbose.  I suspect the second 
message is due to set checkChannel being called as part of the switching 
of inputs.

> Browse mode doesn't include the channels from inputs other than
> the current. I believe Chris had done this deliberately because
> it couldn't go to those other channels. This is fine for now
> and could be changed later.

I hadn't even looked at browse mode, I'll look at it in the AM.

> The up and down arrows do not change to the other input. Up
> from the highest channel on input 1 does not go to the other
> input but to the lowest channel on input 1. That's fine. It may
> even make sense to leave it that way.

Yeah this only affects the string based channel changer.  It probably 
should be made to work on the regular channels as well.

> Here is a problem though. I started a recording on card 1 them
> went to LiveTV on card 2 which has both sources. While I was
> on 1/2/2 and typed in a channel for 2/3/2, it did not change.
> It did nothing just as if an incorrect channel number had been
> entered. Same for choosing a digital channel from the EPG.

Hrm...  I was afraid there'd be some multi tuner issue somewhere.  I'll 
see about hooking up my spare M179 soon.

> PIP channel swapping of course didn't work but that would be
> another issue for another time.

Yet another use for the M179.

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