[mythtv] Use callsign for scheduling

Henk Poley hpoley at dds.nl
Fri Apr 16 11:43:14 EDT 2004

Op vrijdag 16 april 2004 16:42, schreef Joseph A. Caputo:
>> <snip>
> This is fine; enter whatever you want for callsigns.

Obviously the objection here is that this is a _displayed_ variable (yeah, 
when you configure MythTV to do so, but well...). So any other magic attached 
to it hinders (might hinder) the user in chosing callsigns.

This can be a non-problem if it is documented really well, and the user is 
attentioned on it when the database upgrade to 0.15 is performed.

What about the callsigns "BBC1 pay-per-view digital" and "BBC1 crap-cable"? 
What will happend if a user schedules (independantly) a show 'foobar' on 2 
channels like these, can it also do the pruning of already recorded shows 
(and keep X episodes etc.)?

	Henk Poley <><

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