[mythtv] [patch] dvb cam fixes

Daniel Sangenberg daniel at sangenberg.se
Wed Apr 14 18:55:13 EDT 2004

Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:
> On Thursday 15 April 2004 00:12, Anders Hanson wrote:
>> This happens with the regular DVB-C box (ComHem) that i have.
>> Sometimes I get a red box telling me that
>> I don't have persmissions to watch the channel. In this case just
>> change to another channel  and back and
>> everything is OK. This should work with MythTV also.
> So basically it's a broken CAM, won't ComHem supply you with a new
> CAM?

I have never heard about this happening on the original boxes supplied by
ComHem but i know it happens on some of the thirdparty boxes and it is
usually fixed trying a different version of the CAM but this doesn't seem to
help in this case and all of the vdr or mythtv users i have talked to that
use ComHem have the same problem.


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