[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Apr 14 09:22:39 EDT 2004

> Tako Schotanus wrote:
> I think there are some slight inaccuracies here.  One of the problems 
> was actually that it was a frontend feature, whereas it 
> really needs to 
> be a backend feature, or at least be aware that there can be 
> more than 
> one backend and work remotely.

Yes, you are absolutely right, that was one of the bigger problems.
I _do_ think though that features are rejected to easily because of
this, maybe sometimes it should be possible to introduce a feature for a
local system only in the hope that the remote version will be added
later. But that's probably wishfull thinking from a one-system myth-user

> Also, the 4 second delay must be fixable, possibly by simply 
> bypassing 
> the time shifting code altogether?  After all Mplayer is just 
> a frontend 
> to ffmpeg, which we are already using, so it isn't really a solution.

Sure, it should be possible to get it down to the sum of the hardware
delays only, but who's going to do the work? I've spent days finding my
way around in that code and I still have no idea how it works let alone
think about doing something about that delay (that might tell you more
about me than about the code ;-).

> Finally, I think you are thinking mostly about the analogue part of 
> mythchannels yes?  To a large extent apart from the fine 
> tuning bit you 
> can actually do without the preview altogether anyway.  For 
> digital tv 
> there is no fine-tuning required (in theory), you get all the params 
> delivered to you.  The desired feature is really an auto 
> import of this data

Yes, back then (and stil now) I was using MythTV for analog only.

> Sorry, if I mention any inaccuracies, just trying to head off any 
> torturous threads about what happened back in time.

No, you're absolutely right, there has been enough ugly discussions
about this already ;-)

> I think we need to be clear what the various sub projects are.  
> Basically something like:
> Analogue scanning
> Analogue fine-tuning
> Digital scanning
> Digital upload from web or file
> Channel re-arranging, renaming, and other properties
> Satellite config
> Other stuff, perhaps because the "channel" model becomes more detailed
> It would also be convenient to move all this to the frontend, 
> and have a 
> multi-backend aware setup utility - however, this is 
> certainly non-trivial.

Are the analog and digital requirements similar enough that somebody
making one could easily make the other? Otherwise part of the problem
would be to find somebody who knows how to do both (not knowing anyone
with digital TV would make this very difficult for someone like me for


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