[mythtv] DVB Channel Changes

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Wed Apr 14 07:18:53 EDT 2004

Tako Schotanus wrote:

>While you are basically right it was also because Ramon was not _able_
>to adopt the maintainer's whishes because it would have meant making the
>part that is so damn usefull to us Europeans, the channel scanning /
>finetuning, close to useless.
>The problem is that in the current system the display needs at least 4
>seconds between making an adjustment (like a channel change) and being
>able to display the result, you just can't fine-tune with a 4 second
>delay. That's why he used mplayer, that's why it got rejected and that's
>why nobody will be able to "pick it up and address Isaac's concerns"
>unless they are able to address the delays in the current system.
>Of course, you could just take out that entire system and put in a
>stripped-down version of mythchannels. Beging able to properly edit you
>channel list from within the myth frontend would already be enough of a
>boon to make it worthwhile :-)

I think there are some slight inaccuracies here.  One of the problems 
was actually that it was a frontend feature, whereas it really needs to 
be a backend feature, or at least be aware that there can be more than 
one backend and work remotely.

Also, the 4 second delay must be fixable, possibly by simply bypassing 
the time shifting code altogether?  After all Mplayer is just a frontend 
to ffmpeg, which we are already using, so it isn't really a solution.

Finally, I think you are thinking mostly about the analogue part of 
mythchannels yes?  To a large extent apart from the fine tuning bit you 
can actually do without the preview altogether anyway.  For digital tv 
there is no fine-tuning required (in theory), you get all the params 
delivered to you.  The desired feature is really an auto import of this data

Sorry, if I mention any inaccuracies, just trying to head off any 
torturous threads about what happened back in time.

I think we need to be clear what the various sub projects are.  
Basically something like:

Analogue scanning
Analogue fine-tuning
Digital scanning
Digital upload from web or file
Channel re-arranging, renaming, and other properties
Satellite config
Other stuff, perhaps because the "channel" model becomes more detailed

It would also be convenient to move all this to the frontend, and have a 
multi-backend aware setup utility - however, this is certainly non-trivial.

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