[mythtv] question on datadirect grabber development

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Tue Apr 13 22:17:55 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 13 April 2004 03:36 pm, David Shay wrote:
> Anyone have a problem with just using a localtime conversion?
> If it is a problem -- any suggestions on how to deal with this?  I could
> use some of the existing settings to do the conversion, but DST is still a
> large problem.

Shouldn't Qt's date code should handle things properly?  The offset setting is 
really more for european users whose grabbers don't quite work as expected 
(data returned is from a different timezone than the user).

> Also, my current code base includes support for the tv_grab_na_dd grabber
> as well as the internal grabber.  Last time I submitted my tv_grab_na_dd
> patch, it didn't get applied since tv_grab_na_dd is still in CVS and not
> released.  Isaac, should I split these patches out and include only the
> internal grabber first?  I'm not really sure when xmltv is going to release
> -- they are struggline with the same localtime issues indicated above.

If the internal grabber works, why support tv_grab_na_dd at all?

> Right now, the way that the code is written the internal grabber always
> pulls all 13 days of available data and mass-processes it in one shot.  The
> tv_grab_na_dd grabber supports the old mechanism of pulling the data one
> day at a time and only pulling data for days which don't yet have any data.
>  I wasn't immediately planning on supporting that for the internal grabber,
> since the data download time was minimal and I personally like to have a
> complete update to catch all schedule changes.  Will that be acceptable for
> a first release?

I'd rather have it not pull data it doesn't need to pull, as the current 
system does.  I can't imagine it being difficult to do that, since the 
wrapper code should be identical, only the parsing code different.


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