[mythtv] question on datadirect grabber development

David Shay david at shay.net
Tue Apr 13 15:36:14 EDT 2004

I am just finalizing my internal data-direct grabber code for mythtv.  Hope to have a patch out by the end of the week.  One question, though.  DataDirect provides program dates in UTC.  What would be the best way to convert these into the database.  The existing approach seems to either use the dates coming back from the grabbers directly or you can manually specify an offset.  Is there any issue with just using localtime to convert (Qt::LocalTime) these dates -- that would seem to be the best way to handle all conceivable daylight saving time and other issues.  If you use an offset, you would have to manually change this partway through the year.  You would also have an issue during the whole time period for data grabbing when the changeover date was in the mix.

Anyone have a problem with just using a localtime conversion? 
If it is a problem -- any suggestions on how to deal with this?  I could use some of the existing settings to do the conversion, but DST is still a large problem.

Also, my current code base includes support for the tv_grab_na_dd grabber as well as the internal grabber.  Last time I submitted my tv_grab_na_dd patch, it didn't get applied since tv_grab_na_dd is still in CVS and not released.  Isaac, should I split these patches out and include only the internal grabber first?  I'm not really sure when xmltv is going to release -- they are struggline with the same localtime issues indicated above.

Right now, the way that the code is written the internal grabber always pulls all 13 days of available data and mass-processes it in one shot.  The tv_grab_na_dd grabber supports the old mechanism of pulling the data one day at a time and only pulling data for days which don't yet have any data.  I wasn't immediately planning on supporting that for the internal grabber, since the data download time was minimal and I personally like to have a complete update to catch all schedule changes.  Will that be acceptable for a first release?
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