[mythtv] Stop recording patch and some small fixes

Keith C linux at keithandjill.com
Thu Sep 18 22:42:14 EDT 2003

I end up using both Watch and Delete to review what I want to delete.  I
check Delete first to dump any small stubs by checking file sizes (I
still can not record back to back shows with my PVR-250).  Then I head
to Watch to see review what's left and "D" to delete.  Would be great to
combine these both together - they are both just listings of the
available recordings.

I've also found myself using the "Fix Scheduling Conflicts" in the same
way that I use the "To Do" list on TiVo.  Except that the Fix Conflicts
page doesn't allow you to cancel a recording thats not in conflict.  You
can bring up the advanced recording page, but you can not say "Leave the
recording profile alone, but cancel this individual recording".  At
least not that I could find.

Anyways, I'll start poking around the code, but it will take me a while.

Keith C

> I always use the "Watch recordings" when deleting, because I want to
> look at the 
> file before deleting it, to make sure it's the right one I'm deleting.
> So yes, 
> merging those two would make sense to me. Maybe transfer the "Free
> space" 
> thingie on "Delete recordings", that's all. 

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