[mythtv] Re: FileSystem to use for Myth (was Re:Channel chang e sp eed)

Tobias Blomberg blomman at ludd.luth.se
Tue Sep 16 22:04:22 EDT 2003

I can see your point, Ben. Probably just a waste of time to setup multiple 
partitions. Let's see what Willy think of it when he's done :-)

If you still are not satisfied with the performance for the ring buffer on XFS 
a rather crazy idea would be to write the ring buffer directly to the 
partition, bypassing all filesystems or writing a dedicated ring buffer file 
system. Some coding would of course have to be done to make this work. And 
probably this is also just a waste of time :-)  It could be a fun project 

/ Tobias

On Tuesday 16 September 2003 16.05, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Note that what I reported is not a problem for mythtv. It may only trash
> files which are in the process of writing while (or were in the last
> seconds before) the system crash / poweroff. Even in that case, the huge
> files are probably not lost completely, but only the last 30 seconds or
> so. Even if the files are lost, I don't think it's a huge problem - if
> you have a lockup in the middle of a recording, the recording is
> probably only half-finished and useless to you anyways, even if the
> filessystem didn't lose anyways. I wouldn't want to watch only the first
> half of a movie.
> In short, I don't see a problem with using XFS for MythTV's recording,
> in fact it seems to be ideal.
> (Maybe even more so, if the realtime capability is implemented, but I
> don't know, how useful that would be for MythTV.)
> Ben
> Boyd II, Willy wrote:
> >Which is exactly what I'm planning on trying now...
> >
> >-----Original Message-----
> From: Tobias Blomberg [mailto:blomman at ludd.luth.se]
> >Or maybe just a small FS for the ring buffer and ext for the rest. Then it
> > doesn't really matter if it crashes and you get fast ring buffer
> > handling. That was the initial problem as I have understood it.

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