[mythtv] Re: [PATCH] Smart Fast Forwad

Ben Levitt levittben at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 16 12:39:11 EDT 2003

In Reply to:
> This sounds good to me - but why hard code the "3"
> (as in seconds)?
> /Jens

The idea was that the time window for doing a short
forward jump should be about the same as the time the
OSD is up.  This way, you get some visual feedback
that  since the OSD is gone, forward is back to
normal.  The OSD is up for 2 seconds on a
forward/rewind jump, and then fades out.  I was first
thinking that my window should be 2 seconds to match
this, but then I realized that:

1) Due to the fade-out, the OSD is up for a little
   over 2 seconds.  
2) This feature should err towards a window that's
   slightly too long instead of too short, since an
   accidental 30 second jump is more destructive than
   an accidental 5 second jump.

I also don't want to totally overload users with
configurable settings for complicated and likely
confusing (at first) features like this one.

So I think that keeping the time window for short
forward jumps hardcoded is okay.  (Everywhere I say 5
and 30 is of course actually whatever you have set for
forwad, rewind times.)

If you think a different value would be better, try it
out with different values, and maybe we can all settle
on what works best.  Or if nobody agrees, we can make
it configurable.  :]


On Tuesday 16 September 2003 19:17, Ben Levitt wrote:
> I find that sometimes when I'm fast forwarding
> commercials, I go forward a few hits of 30sec, then
> back a few 5sec hits.  Sometimes I go back one or
> 5sec hits too far, then hit forward to get back,
> except now I'm 30seconds into the show!  Bah!
> So this patch offers the option to use Smart Fast
> Forward.  This sets things up so that if you've hit
> back within the last 3 seconds, hitting forward only
> goes forward 5 seconds.
> It might sound wacky, but it feels right.  At least
> for me.  :]
> Try it out.  See if you like it.  (You have to
> it in the TV Settings. (It's right by the settings
> fast forward/rewind timing.))
> Ben

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