[mythtv] Fwd: [PATCH] Add profile groups

Geoffrey Hausheer ou401cru02 at sneakemail.com
Mon Sep 15 00:48:59 EDT 2003

Yet another version of the profile groups patch.  This fixes some of the
issues Bruce brought up.
1) hostnames are now selected from a combobox instead of having to type
them in.
2) The current hierarchy is now shown when editing profiles as

I tried lots of things to prevent storing a duplicate profile name, but
nothing really worked well (the closest I came was detecting that we
inserted a duplicate, and removing it, but that was just a nasty hack, so
I didn't include it here)
The problem is that the storage classes seem to store data into the
database during the 'exec()' call regardless of whether a '->save()' call
is made.  This is pretty annoying, and I dunno what to do.  I did add a
unique key which consists of 'name,hostname' in the hope of causing a
mysql error, and blocking the write, but that doesn't work either (it
just writes with a hostname of NULL).  So I could use some suggestions on
how to deal with this.  The profile names don't need to be unique, but
the combination of name and host does.
Anyhow, I left the unique key change to the db in, since it is probably
good to have regardless.

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