[mythtv] Hauppauge TV cards lirc configuration

Bruno David Simões Rodrigues bruno.rodrigues at litux.org
Sat Sep 13 17:11:13 EDT 2003

Hello Jens or anyone else that might be able to help me.

My Hauppage WinTV theather came with a remote control with numeric + 11
keys (21 keys) but there's an example file in mythtv code (using
lirc-0.5.5pre8 on Sun Apr 18 11:43:45 1999) with numeric + 16 keys.

You have these keys more than me:
          MenuUp                   0x000000000000101C
          MenuRight                0x000000000000102B
          MenuDown                 0x000000000000101D
          MenuLeft                 0x000000000000102C
          Enter                    0x000000000000103F

Do anyone of you have a remote with more keys than mine ?

I'm using a programmable remote (Sony VL700T).

How can I add those 5 keys to my remote ? 

Does anyone have a palm and would be kind to install OmniRemote, program
it with those keys and send me the file ?


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