[mythtv] atrpms, ivtv and compiling from source

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu Sep 11 00:28:41 EDT 2003

> > Does he share those macros?
> Typically no, partially because they are somewhat of a moving target 
> still. I believe once they've stabilized, they may become part of an 
> available atrpms-dev rpm, or something along those lines.

last I talked to him about this, he was only using special macros for
defining version/release information:

rpmbuild --define "atrelease() %1.rh9.at" ....

Once I have some time (and Axel updates his rpm's for the new makefile
additions), I plan to remodify my cvs spec files, and will send them to
people who want them (but not rpm's, since I'm hoping that anyone who
knows how to build an rpm is "advanced" enough to not annoy the ptb's
about giving out cvs rpm info).

> Also, note that making cvs-based rpms readily available to everyone is
> typically frowned upon, as it is preferred that novices stick to the 
> (theoretically) more stable release versions, so keep them to yourself 
> if you're successful. :)

Please note that I personally disagree with this philosophy and have
*no* problem with people distributing mythweb cvs rpm's (granted,
mythweb cvs is almost always MORE stable than release versions - lately,
anyway).  Then again, I'm not such a big fan of rpm's for web stuff
since people store web files in so many different locations (and in that
case, a tarball is just a heck of a lot easier to deal with).


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