[mythtv] Re:DVB alpha-0.4

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Tue Sep 9 10:13:58 EDT 2003

> and channel changing works. Some of my channels it doesn't like but that
> _appears_ to be more driver related. I'm using a Hauppauge Nova-T card.

I haven't followed the DVB list that closely, but I think there is an issue with the size of offsets from center frequencies in Aus?  I think the driver assumes only a certain sized +/- offset and I saw noticed a suggestion to tweak YOUR given frequency a bit so that at least it can then scan either side to find the correct freq...

Bit vague, but suggest following the DVB list and see if that helps?

> Why does the archive have the mc-dvb.mc file which creates a whole new
> database? Is that just to help prevent people trashing their database? I
> didn't ever use that file and still managed to get something going quite
> well.

This is effectively a patch for the main program.  mc.sql is included in the main distribution and hence will need updating when this code gets merged.  

Ed W

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