[mythtv] DVB alpha-0.4

Kenneth Aafloy ke-aa at frisurf.no
Sun Sep 7 20:26:05 EDT 2003

Mike Wilcox wrote:

> It wasn't the code I was having problems with - more the understanding 
> of how to put things into the table(s) - especially which PIDs go where, 
> and use of comma-separated lists.
> The solution, as ever, is to look in the code. the parsing in dvbchannel 
> is the best hint :-)

Edward Wildgoose has taken over the mythchannels code, and is basically
going to pick out bits and pieces of it for inclusion into CVS.

So hopefully the need for editing db will go away soon.

> > >++  //pthread_mutex_unlock(&dvbchannel->lock);
> > 
> > No wonder it wasn't working, it's not even initialized in dvbchannel.
> > Strange though, that it has worked for me and others :)
> That certainly explains something. But where is it declared? I can't see 
> it in dvbchannel or in channelbase! Standard C and Java are my forte, so 
> I guess I'm missing something :-)

dvbchannel is declared in DVBChannel class header. The type dvb_channel_t is
declared in dvbtypes.h along with some other types used across classes.
grep is your friend, remember.

> I have a recording from a single channel that regularly causes problems 
> when the recording is viewed - either in full or in the thumbnail.
> When viewed at full-size, the display changes from full-screen 4:3 to 
> show a letterbox'ed 16:9 image. It usually starts with a green screen, 
> then a few mpeg artifact blocks, but then proceeds to play - but with 
> frames jumping back-and-forth 1-2 seconds. Imagine playing frames in the 
> order:
> 1, 2, 3... 11, 12, 26, 27, 28... 36, 37, 13, 14, 15... 25, 38, 39...
> The sound plays fine while the video is doing this.
> Now, if I let the recording get to 10 seconds, then hit the right arrow 
> to skip over 30 seconds, both video & audio run OK.
> I can safely say I haven't the first clue how to go about debugging this 
> - but I can recreate it easily. If anyone can give me some pointers, I'm 
> willing to try though...

Now I get it, I've seen this too, only in livetv though
(so i've been unable to get a nice recording to do debugging with).

I have no clue what happens here, and have not looked into it (yet) either.

> > >    o occasional lockup when seeking forward or back in a recorded.
> > 
> > Discussed in earlier threads, i'm trying to track down what is happening,
> > but no luck yet, feel free to give it a shoot..
> That'll be fun. I might just try....

On my setup this is rarly a complete lockup, as in if I press ESC it usually
returns to the menu some time after. Also I've seen the player run through
the recording with 'pause picture' on, then exit to menu.

> > I'll try to take my eyes off the telly for a few minutes and fix it :)
> Excellent. Are fixes going into another patch release, or direct into 
> CVS now?

This is not up to me to decide.

Basically I'll continue releasing new versions with fixes and new features,
it's the same with me wether I do it in CVS or not.


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