[mythtv] Error messages from Mythbackend, maybe related to the FF rebuffering problem.

Harri Hautakangas harri at hautakangas.com
Fri Sep 5 15:36:47 EDT 2003

I noticed last night that while recording some programs mythbackend outputs
error messages.
This does not happen with all the recordings, only with some.
Then I noticed that the recordings with error messages enter the rebuffering
loop while FF in certain points
of the file.
Then I noticed that in the last 2 nights only recordings from one channel
have caused these errors (while recording Conan),
3 nights ago there was no errors recording from this channel. The channel
signal seems as good as other channels judging
by just how it looks.

I am using CVS from sep. 2
I am using MPEG4 and BT878 (ATI TV wonder VE).

What would cause these errors ?

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