[mythtv] Want to understand MythTV Framework (Backend)

Duarte Cordeiro Duarte.Cordeiro at cm-lisboa.pt
Fri Oct 31 06:21:34 EST 2003


 I'm trying to draw a picture in my head of MythTV, but I couldn't find
information in the webpage or forums about it.
I made two drawings, but there are a lot of connections missing, or maybe
just plain wrong.

1 - Does myth Backend really needs X ? It will be the first "server" side
software that cannot run from console :) Also, if its needed, can you add
some explanation of why it does ? 

2 - Is there any place where I can find more info on Myth framework ? Or do
I need to jump in the source code ? :) If not, can you spare some time and
add some info to the image , or just write some lines about it ?

I think this info will help everybody new to MythTV to understand how it
works, what's the limitations, and allow better knwolodge to those who like
to help in development.

Thanks for your time, 

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