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I understand the goal here - I was just adding my $0.02 worth to the
and to reiterate the point, I think integrating something like Festival
would be a fairly trivial addition, although the plugin structure of MythTV
would require each part of the code to be modified. You won't be able to
'plug-in' a speech unit with the current architecture.
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> Citeren Mark Edwards <mark at edwards.homelinux.net>:
> > Cory,
> >
> > I've often thought about this myself... Festival looks pretty good and
> > to hard to integrate. The real killer would be to add speech recognition
> > too.
> >
> > I've often thought of saying "Play Sibelius" to the computer and have it
> > answer me with a possible selection... the Speech Synthesis is fairly
> > mature for linux, but the speech recognition might just be a little
> > harder. I was looking at sphinx...
> As far as I can tell his goal is not (primarily..) to have speech
> but merely speech output. Visually handicapped people can use a remote
> as long as you can feel the seperate keys. btw, he is trying this because
> if they can't 'view' TV they can hear it, and when you are at home with
> (non-handicaped) friends it is much nicer if you can control the TV by
> Just think about it. Suppose you are blind, and you would like to
> some sports game with with your friends. That's easy, switch on TV, find
> find chair, find numpad on remote, tap in the channel number, listen if
> channel is correct -aka, the TV has seen all the keypresses-, press the
> again if not. Easy, just a number.
> (btw, try this some time with some blinder for your eyes, you will see
> things like finding the TV set, remote, buttons and your chair will be
> to find without training)
> Now change the scene, you would like to record this game, so you can view
> with your friends this evening. Now you have all sorts of menu's to go
> with MythTV and even with normal VCRs. You will need to remember where you
> in the menu, what is to come. And worst of all, you don't have feedback if
> VCR actually seen the keypresses on the remote. Some kind of voice or
audio- or
> tactile-guidance would be nice. Else it is virtually impossible, you would
> to ask someone to help you.
> Another thing. You have watched the game and at the end of the game
someone asks
> to switch to CNN Teletext/CeeFax to see if there is an update on the news
> today. Okay, maybe you can do this yourself, but uhm, it's just text.
Having it
> spoken in a sensible way would _really_ nice. (btw, are there good voice
> browsers for linux?)
> AFAIK, there are already (should be) VCR systems that do have voice
> But most of the time these are made untop of some 'ugly' text based
> having a nice and sleek PVR menu like MythTV would be sweet.
> Speech recognition would be a cool feature off coarse, but not really
> here. And you would almost always need a Windows or Mac machine to do the
> recognition, virtually all commercial Linux speech recognition programs
> been canceled. And the open-source versions are not really up to the task
> (AFAIK). They are mostly programmed as a demontration model for students,
> like Minix is a demonstration model for an Operating System, you can use
> 'seriously' but you will need to add a lot of stuff on the way.
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