[mythtv] Some suggestions...

Desmond Rivet desmond_rivet at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 27 08:29:56 EST 2003

>>Maybe this should be an screen in Mythfrontend though? Or like you said, 
>>just go through "Fix Scheduling conflicts"....
>Fix conflicts will show the specific episodes and times that
>are currenly scheduled to record. Program Rankings will show
>all the titles you've chosen to record even if there are no
>upcoming episodes.

Hmmmm...this is slightly non-intuitive (for me). I still think that a 
seperate screen to show your upcoming recordings and/or your scheduling 
rules might be more user-friendly. Or maybe something as simple as changing 
the "Fix Scheduling Conflicts" label to something like "Upcoming 
Recordings/Fix Scheduling Conflicts"...


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