[mythtv] re: mythtv with dvb is unusable!

Enrico erubboli at tiscali.it
Tue Nov 25 11:43:10 EST 2003

Alle Tuesday 25 November 2003 16:35, matt.jarvis at philips.com ha scritto:
> This is just not true - myth dvb support is now pretty good ( at least for
> DVB-T in the UK ).  Kenneth has done excellent work on getting this up and
> running. 

Yes I know, Of course ! 

> If your channels are setup wrong in the database you cannot blame
> myth for not working correctly.  Why do you even have encrypted channels in
> your database unless you have a CAM and can decrypt them ? The solution
> for channels that are setup wrong is simple, use Kenneth's setup tool or
> phpmyadmin and change them for the correct values ! 

This is not the solution of the problem, only a little workaround. In my 
commercial decoder i have different encrypted channel, i come informed when i 
zap into it. This because i have different smart card from varius provider 
(this is only an example, i'm a particular user ;))

> There are some small
> issues remaining with DVB, but as only Kenneth is working on this really
> then most of us are happy to do what we can to help and wait for things to
> settle down. Remember that you are also using CVS which is by it's nature
> in a state of flux.... if you want stable then stick to the releases.
> Matt

I don't want flame!! The work of Kenneth is excellent! but i have only to make 
present that there is whis big problem with dvb-s. 

Thanks a lot,
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