[mythtv] mythtv with dvb is unusable!

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Tue Nov 25 10:52:23 EST 2003

> > Remove the encrypted channel from your database or submit a patch to fix
> > the problem.
> I have investigate it, but truly problem is not dvb-s support...
> When mythbackend stop to send data in ringbuffer, frontend (mythtv program) 
> freeze (looping) and in any case stop to check key press...
> Dvb-s support only put in evidence this problem....

> I have tried to resolve the problem but i don't know very well as  works 
> mythtv...I have send in mailing-list this problem but anyone can help me...

Denis,  you are quite correct that the frontend does stall if the backend stops sending data to the frontend.  I haven't looked into whether this is fixable myself, but comments on the list suggest that it is complicated.  The symptoms are annoying in that you need to kill and restart the frontend.

However, I think your root problem is how to avoid getting into a position where the backend is not sending any data.  It sounds like encrypted channels are not working on your setup for a start (to be honest I have no idea whether the encryption support in cvs is fully functioning at this stage.  It has all been written by Kenneth and perhaps he could confirm one way or the other?

In the meantime, I think you would be best off removing this encrypted channel from the DB and then you won't run into this.  (Sorry, I guess it means you can't watch it either...)

Good luck


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