[mythtv] Bayesian analysis

Jim Paris jim at jtan.com
Sat Nov 15 13:21:46 EST 2003

> > I'm not sure how good it'll be - mine has only just started learning.  It 
> > picks out the shows that are already being recorded very well (which of 
> > course isn't so useful :).  It does seem to catch some interesting stuff 
> > that's not being recorded already, and I'm hoping it'll improve as it 
> > learns.  Any feedback is appreciated.
> Well, mine give me 500 programs that its not recording that I've never
> heard of.  :)

Same here: 500 programs, all 50.00%.  I got "Goodseen went negative"
and "Badseen went negative" while running mythbayes.  I tried running
it again to see if the results would be any different, and it
completely killed my MySQL process (pegged at 100% CPU, and any
client operations on the bayeshistory table would hang).

Didn't have time to look into it any further, though..


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