[mythtv] New theme "sleek"

Joel Feenstra joelf at altelco.net
Fri Nov 14 23:46:34 EST 2003

Hmm, it seems that you can set the size of a live preview window, but 
not the static preview images (which is what I used to test). The new 
size seems good, but I left the x coordinate the same so it doesn't 
overlap with the description textarea. Thanks for the fix.

Joel Feenstra

Christian Hack wrote:
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> Subject: Re: [mythtv] New theme "sleek"
>>I'm not sure, but I can't seem to make the size change on my copy. Myth
>>seems to just ignore the setting. As for the placement, you'll also want
>>to make sure the description container isn't too wide, or text will get
>>cut off. I just left the x, and y position's the same and changed the
>>width and height of the area too what you had.
> All I had to do was exit the Watch Recordings screen and re-enter it and the
> change was there. I am quite certain my x,y co-ords don't cover the text but
> it's your call. Doesn't make that much difference really.
> CH
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