[mythtv] New theme "sleek"

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Fri Nov 14 19:37:17 EST 2003

one suggestion for all of you people making new themes (or updating old
ones).  Please provide better color distinctions between "selected" and
"unselected" text (like in the "play recordings" screen).  going from
one white to another (bold) white is *really* hard to see, even on a
monitor instead of a tv.

better UI design would be to use grey/white, or some other visibly
different color differentiation, rather than a font-weight kind of

The same goes for buttons, etc.  highlight colors need to show some kind
of noticeable color/contrast color changes, and should be immediately
noticeable as different - not require closer examination to tell what is
selected and what isn't.

myth's bluish theme-independent confirmation buttons also fall into this
category, as does the very nice visor theme (myth's blue theme, with
yellow/white text is a little better in that respect).  It is the first
(and usually only) complaint I hear from UI designer friends who see
myth for the first time.


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