[mythtv] Conflicting or not?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Nov 13 02:42:36 EST 2003

David Engel wrote:
> I'm looking at gracefully handling the case where more than one
> scheduled recording covers the same program, e.g. a TimeSlotRecord was
> created for one showing and a ChannelRecord was created later for
> another showing.  The current code treats them as conflicting meaning
> the scheduler could defer recording to another showing even if there
> are no other conflicts.  I don't think this is right.
> My initial thinking was that the most specific scheduled recording
> should take precendence.  In the example above, the TimeSlotRecord
> would win out over the ChannelRecord.  It then occurred to me that the
> ranking system provides another way of arbitrating between the two.
> The problem with using the ranking is that the result could still end
> in a tie.
> So, I'm looking for recommendations on how to proceed.  At the moment,
> I see 4 plasuible approaches.
> 1. Use RecordingType only (most specific wins).

I really like this approach and very much miss being able to
do this on MythTV. Here's why.

Many dozens of times I have wanted to use different recording
options for one episode. Most often to use a different profile
or different pre/postroll times for one showing (season finale,
special guest, etc.). For myth, you could even set a special
rank (higher or lower) for one showing to shuffle which recording
goes to which card on a busy night without affecting the normal
long term ranking.

All of these things would be possible if you could set a single
record on a showing that matches a recurring rule provided that
the most specific wins in pruning.

> 2. Use rankings, and if equal, leave as conflicting.
> 3. Use rankings, and if equal, fall back to RecordingType.
> 4. Just leave them as conflicting.

If I went to the trouble of setting attributes for a single
record, I'd be very disappointed if the recurring attributes took
precedence. Also, in the card shuffling case I may want to add
single record attributes for the purpose of setting a lower rank.
Therefore I don't like any of these.

Other than single record, I could see a situation like People's
Champions on FX. It's on Friday nights but is always 5 min late.
It's also shown on-time in other timeslots during the week. So
here you could create a channel record then a weekslot record for
Fri with -5 preroll and +5 postroll. Here again, this only makes
sense if the weekslot is going to win every time.

--  bjm

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