[mythtv] Updated visorosd theme / Theme enhancement idea

Ben Levitt levittben at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 13 00:09:27 EST 2003

I updated the visorosd theme for alerts, callerid, and
size:small text.  

(Torsten, If you use cvs and size:small, then maybe
your whole long descriptions will fit in the osd?)

I separated the tarball into 2 files for visor and
visorosd.  Also, the visorosd fancy size:small text is
only implemented in the cvs version of visorosd.  (And
that version seems to crash myth 0.12.) 


Another thought I had was this: I'm not a big fan of
where the channel number sits on the screen in this
theme, but it seem like the best possible option at
the moment.  However, if we could set up the osd code
such that showing the channel_number container closed
the program_info and browse_info containers, and
showing either of those closed the cannel_number, then
the cannel number could go on the top left of the

Maybe a container should be able to specify a list of
containers that get closed when it gets opened? 
Isaac, I volunteer to implement this if you think it's
a good idea...


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