[mythtv] Possible bug when using override with postroll

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Nov 11 21:28:57 EST 2003

Replies in context....

> However, the *roll recordings didn't go as expected. The
> program info for the recording shows the original times rather
> than the effective times. The filename are also based on
> the orig times.

The filename has to match the times in recorded and oldrecorded unless we
start storing the pre/postroll info in recorded which doesn't make sense.

I'd prefer the filenames and program info displayed when viewing the
scheduled recordings to be the actual start/stop times (after applying
pre/postroll).  In order for the filenames to match we'd have to have
the actual start/stop times in recorded/oldrecorded unless we keep it as
it is right now and store the original start/stop times along with the
pre/postroll numbers.

I'm wondering if it's best to keep startts/endts as the actual start/stop
times and instead of having recstartts/recendts, have
origstartts/origendts.  Then for the places that need the original times,
they coud use the origstartts/origendts, but everywhere else could use
startts/endts which are the actual start/end times after applying
pre/postroll.   I think the key thing is passing around both sets which is
currently done, it just may make sense to reverse where they're stored.

> The recordings did start at the preroll times but did not
> end at the negative postroll times I set for testing. Instead,
> they ended at the orig endtime. I added postroll time to another
> show and it too ended at the orig endtime :-(.

This can be fixed around line 243 of tv_rec.cpp by changing

	recordEndTime = rcinfo->endts;


	recordEndTime = rcinfo->recendts;

> During the preroll time, the playbox showed the early recording
> in progress in white. After the orig starttime they were
> highlighted in yellow.

This is that "shows in preroll show in a different color" stuff going on.

> I could go on with details but I think what it might boil
> down to is that maybe both sets of timestamps need to be
> available and used in the appropriate places. The orig times
> to check against the program and override table, and the
> effective times to be used for conflict resolution and the
> real record start and end times. 

This is why I'm thinking reverse the two, so starts/endts are the
actual start/stop times which are used in most places, then have
origstartts/origendts for use in checking against the program and
override tables.  

> I liked the way *roll worked yesterday and I like the way
> overrides are tracked today. Can either of you see a way to use
> the effective times for recording the way they were yesterday?

Want to have your cake and eat it too huh? :)



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