[mythtv] conflict resolution

David Engel dlengel at attbi.com
Fri Nov 7 23:08:54 EST 2003

On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 04:31:37PM -0800, Bruce Markey wrote:
> >Both with and without override, I only get one showing marked to
> >record.
> Yes! That's it! You've found it! That's the bug! 8-)

No, I think you don't understand what I meant.  To resurrect your
diagram, this is what I'm seeing.

                 |     unpatched     |     patched      |
| recorddups off | record 1 showing  | record 1 showing |
| recorddups on  | record 1 showings | record 1 showing |

See, even with unpatched code and recorddups on, I only see one
showing being scheduled.  

This is exactly as I expect from my reading of the source code.
Please note that I said "from ... the source code" and not what you, I
or anyone else might think recorddups means.

> It is not marking every showing to be recorded even if it
> is a duplicate. By definition, that is the bug. It should mark
> all three to be recorded if "Allow recording even if duplicate
> episode" is true.

Again, I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but this is not what I see
in the code.  FWIW, besides removing duplicates in upcoming showings,
the unpatched code will also not record any upcoming showings if the
episode is still in the recorded table.

Now, since my running of the unpatched code matches what I expect to
see from reading it, that is what I tried to reproduce with my
override code.  From my tests, I believe I have faithfully done that.

> has been at least one bug ;-). I don't understand why you
> would only see one showing marked to record if using current
> CVS and recorddups on but I know this feature does work and it
> should record all three.

And I don't understand why you are seeing it want to record all of
them.  Since I'm seeing what I expect from the code (not the intended
feature), all I can suggest is that you add some debug code.  The
easiest thing to do would be to sprinkle a liberal amount of calls to
PrintList all through Scheduler::FillRecordLists.  I would also like
to see the exabt scheduler.cpp and scheduledrecording.cpp that you are

David Engel
dlengel at attbi.com

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