[mythtv] Regular expressions for program matching

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Mon Nov 3 15:19:09 EST 2003

> > 	program.title like record.title
> > 
> Yep, that is what I was thinking.  except that it should be toggleable. 
> It is quite likely to get false positives in some cases even with full
> titles if you don't have a switch that says 'use regex'.  So I figured
> you needed an additional field in the record table for that.

The like needs a % to match anything that's not exactly equal though, so
if I put in "Jaws" then it won't match "Jaws 2", but "Jaws %" would
match "Jaws 2".

> controlling recoridngs are compeletly non-intuitive....go into 'Fix
> Conflicts' to see what the recording lineup looks like....go into the
> ranking screen to see the list of programs in the record table. 
> Whatever....I don't care enough to fix it.

One of those things that I noticed a while back but wouldn't have a clue
if it were changed one day because I just hit Enter -> Down -> Enter
to watch a recording, Enter -> Right -> Enter -> Left to schedule a new
one, etc.. :)  That's using blue though.  Ought to checkout some of the
other themes one day.  No reason a theme has to say "Fix Conflicts".



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