[mythtv] New MythVideo issues

Terry Evans tevans at codetrix.com
Sat May 31 01:40:24 EDT 2003

Just sending a couple of bugs I noticed, if I get time I'll try and fix them
over the weekend.  This is mainly to document them so I don't forget about

I have a DVD of Pokemon 2000 I ripped for my son.  I called it "Pokemon 2000
85% quality.avi" (since that's what I ripped it at when messing around) and
the VideoManager would never find any information on it at all.  It wouldn't
pop up the dialog to allow me to enter in manual information either

FYI, I also saw the endless wait problem that another user posted a patch

I then renamed it to "Pokemon 2000.avi" and went back into the Manager.
Neither the old name nor the new name would show up.   After I went into the
settings dialogs for MythVideo, and then came back, now the "Pokemon
2000.avi" showed up in the list.

The name returned from IMDB now shows "Pokémon: The movie 2000".  I
presume the é is for the o with the tick mark on it.

In addition, can we store the cover art in the default video directory we
specify in the setup?  I'd a lot rather prefer that than in the .mythtv/...
directory.  If that's the standard, so be it however.  The reason I ask is
the default download cover for Shrek is ugly and I want to replace it.
Would be nice just to call it Shrek.jpg (or whatever) and plop it into the
videos directory.

My $.02

BTW, I really like the new MythVideo overall!

Terry Evans

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