[mythtv] Re: jerky live tv with latest cvs(5/28)

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri May 30 18:14:18 EDT 2003

Mark Chou wrote:
> Well, you could be right about the other 5%.  Since my initial post 
> regarding this issue I've reverted to cvs "05/27/03 19:00:00."  So the 
> particulars are from memory.
> Initially after I updated CVS to 5/28(19:00), I had "jitter reduction" 
> on.  Live TV was jerky on TV and on comp. monitor.  I then changed 
> "jitter reduction" to off (i.e. Video timing method: next trigger) with 
> similar results.  Didn't get to try to lower record resolution or get 
> CPU usage since prior cvs live tv playback was fine.
> With cvs from 5/27, I generally only get only one "rebuffer" message, 
> right after changing from "none to live tv" or "none to watching 
> prerecorded," where as cvs 5/28 I got the "rebuffer" message once every 
> minute or so...

So the 5/27 version, which should print a video timing
message, doesn't have the rebuffer problem but 5/28 does.
Got it. The next question is if you can confirm if live TV
is using the backend on the local machine or or a remote
machine when you get the "rebuffer" messages. It should be
local if you're running a local backend.

> Equip:
> 2 networked mythtv boxes (AMD XP 2000+)

Alice and Betty. I've been paying attention =).

> both boxes have Hauppauge 401 dbx
> 1 box attached to TV
> 1 box attached to comp. monitor
> Mostly watch on TV, but occassionally watch on comp. monitor

--  bjm

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