[mythtv] re: conflict resolution vs priorities

Chris Palmer mythtv at zencow.com
Fri May 30 11:11:03 EDT 2003

Jeff Nuckles wrote
> I gave this a little more thought today and i came to
> realize that the current method of conflict resolution
> would still be partially neccessary even with a
> priority based system. After all, what happens if
> there are 2 tuners and 3 things are on all marked at a
> priority of 10? What gets recorded?

absolutely keep the existing conflict resolution system
working behind a newly developed user priority system.

there was some mention in an earlier post about a strong
interest in recording movies.  I know I'm evoking the TiVo
word again, but the "Season Pass Manager" only lists those
programs that are repeat recordings.  Shows that you specify
as a one-time recording are considered highest-priority and
fall into a category of recordings that requires manual
conflict resolution.  So, you still choose whether or not
that movie or ST records first using the current method of
conflict resolution, because the movie is a one-time show.

(However, a priority system with Myth could possibly allow
prioritizing all shows, whether they recur or not.)

One big difference with TiVo in this, is that TiVo makes
you resolve conflicts at the time you are scheduling a new
recording (if it conflicts), where Myth doesn't do any
conflict checking at this point.

So, if a screen with a list of "recurring" shows is presented,
where the user can re-order this list by moving things up and
down the list, then that would only serve as the first level
of conflict resolution for when "recurring" shows appear in
the same timeslot.

One thing that can be done differently than TiVo is to allow
more than one thing to appear at the same position in the
priority list.  That way, those who like the current system
need never adjust anything from a default priority and would
get the current behavior from the scheduler.

If the user *chooses* to move every recurring program to its
own separate priority slot, then this makes it completely
unambiguous for those who like the TiVo Season Pass Manager
way of scheduling priorities.

Also, it would be possible to have ALL shows in the schedule
show up in the priorit list, and then all new one-time 
recordings appear at the top of the list, and all new 
recurring shows appear at the bottom of the list, or at 
some default position chosen by the user (even if there are
other shows at that same position?).

Just some thoughts for the discussion...

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