[mythtv] conflict resolution vs priorities

bishop bishop at platypus.bc.ca
Thu May 29 14:28:47 EDT 2003

Shawn Edwards wrote:
> Personally, I would not want my myth box to make any assumptions for me, 
> even if I gave it general input on how to resolve them.  I really like 
> the lack of priorities myself.  It's just a preference thing.

Oh, agreed.  It's definitely a preference thing.

> All I would want is a way for me to be notified in advance that there 
> are conflicts in the future.  I'm a firm beleiver in being notified that 
> I need to deal with something rather than trying to maintain overly 
> complex rulesets, or, even worse, constantly modifying rulesets.

I'm afraid I'm in the other camp, and I have a feeling there may be a 
couple of us with this preference.

After all, I MUST have seen every M*A*S*H ever produced in its dozen-odd 
years, and I'm sure that, with Seinfeld showing about 4 times every day 
that I've seen all of those as well, but I'd still like to grab the 
M*A*S*H that happens to come along, as long as I've got a spare tuner 
kicking about and it's not being used to record Seinfeld, and it's not 
the one I need to be recording some stupid lifetime-network thing for 
She Who Must Be Obeyed.

While I agree that a simple conflict resolution scheme is good, I do 
like the priority angle, and I think that a mixed priority/conflict bit 
would eventually satisfy the vast bulk of the cattl-uh, users.

I know my vote doesn't even count, as I've still not got my HW set up 
yet (and three hauppages sitting in the closet), but I wanted to make 
sure I said my bit to hopefully ensure the priorities bit would still 
fly when I'm allowed to get my HW together (cf "She Who.." above).

Hmm.  What if one likes Seinfeld over MASH, MASH over Rawhide, and 
Rawhide over Seinfeld?  Will the currnet priorities setup understand 
that?  Will it totally fry up if ALL THREE ever are on at once?

- bish

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