[mythtv] conflict resolution vs priorities

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu May 29 13:31:00 EDT 2003

> Would a mythnotify kind of thing make sense here?  Something that you
> can schedule in cron that would look X days in advance and tell you
> (email, sms, carrier pidgeon) if there are any unresolved conflicts?

I just use mythweb for all of this (ie's easier/faster than dealing with
the remote on my myth box).  conflict detection seems to work better
than at least myth .8 (I ran into some times when I had scheduled two
"record all showings on any channel" that created several conflicts, and
mythtv didn't show them as conflicts - not sure if it's fixed in cvs yet
or not, I haven't checked), and it's a pretty nice interface for dealing
with them (and I'm going to improve it as I redo the rest of mythweb).


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