[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] mythtv commits

John Hurliman jhurliman at myrealbox.com
Tue May 27 17:24:32 EDT 2003

It's because most of my movies are named something like 
the.matrix.reloaded.divx.ts.daduck_sn.avi, or cool_skateboard_clip.mpg, 
or homemade-movie01.avi, so IMDB lookups are rather futile. Also not all 
the MythTV boxes I will deploy will be connected to the Internet 
(contrary to popular belief MythTV is very useful without net access), 
and with no keyboard or mouse plugged in to the box (remote only) I 
can't envision how I will add images of the movie to the display, if I 
ever felt the urge to do such a thing. The new version looks great for 
some people, but I'm not convinced it will meet everyone's needs as well 
as two different versions could.

I'm in favor of keeping two separate versions, or two separate 
video-ui.xml files to keep the old functionality, if that's possible. I 
don't want to see mythvideo get broken like mythmusic did with playlists.


John Danner wrote:

>The previous version of MythVideo continues to work - if you don't want the 
>new features you don't have to upgrade. 
>That being said, once I finish the video list section it will be very much 
>like the previous version of MythVideo. In addition, I'm sure it wouldn't be 
>hard for someone to write a small application that can insert the data 
>manually if you wish to add artwork and/or director/year information.
>I think it would be silly to maintain two versions when the new version can 
>act extactly like the old version with some simple changes to the video-
>ui.xml file.
>One question though, is it that you don't have any movies that are contained 
>in IMDB? Are they in IMDB, just in a different language? Is there another 
>reliable source for your movie information?
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>>>Changes committed by jdanner on Tue May 27 17:09:33 2003
>>>Added Files:
>>>   in mythvideo/mythvideo:
>>>        globalsettings.cpp globalsettings.h inetcomms.cpp inetcomms.h
>>>        video_settings.xml videobrowser.cpp videobrowser.h
>>>        videomanager.cpp videomanager.h
>>>   in mythvideo/mythvideo/images:
>>>        mv-background.png mv-mselect.png mv-popup.png mv-sel.png
>>>   in mythvideo/videodb:
>>>        README cvs.sql metadata.sql
>>>Modified Files:
>>>   in mythvideo:
>>>        README
>>>   in mythvideo/mythvideo:
>>>        main.cpp metadata.cpp metadata.h mythvideo.pro video-ui.xml
>>>        videomenu.xml
>>>Removed Files:
>>>   in mythvideo/mythvideo:
>>>        databasebox.cpp databasebox.h dirlist.cpp dirlist.h
>>>        treecheckitem.cpp treecheckitem.h
>>>Log Message:
>>>Complete rewrite of MythVideo. Not finished, but it works
>>>using a default player (which is configurable). Adds IMDB support, movie
>>>poster/artwork, parental controls, and more.
>>>Screenshots: http://untzuntz.com/mythtv/video/
>>>(hopefully I got everything, heh) - don't forget to do a 'cvs update -d'!
>>Nice, but what is better than the old click&start interface? If you 
>>live in an english world, it can be nice to have imdb access, but 
>>for the rest of us, not-english, it is only a waste of screen space. 
>>What do you think to take both versions of mythvideo, maybe a 
>>mythsimplevideo and the current updated mythvideo. Don't answer me 
>>that I can do it myself, it is way better to have them mantained by 
>>you :)

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