[mythtv] mythmusic bug in maddecoder.cpp

leroux at harborcoat.com leroux at harborcoat.com
Sat May 24 10:40:16 EDT 2003

symptom: mythmusic hangs when scanning my mp3's for the first time.. I ran it through gdb, and notice that it kept hanging on the same mp3 (Beatles, In My Life - I suspect this problem has something to do with Paul).  Of course, deleting the file clears things up.. it was hung in memmove called by maddecoder.cpp line 670 (head of cvs):

memmove(buffer, stream.next_frame, &buffer[buflen] - stream.next_frame);

..so it looks like there's some sort of  boundary problem (maybe compounded by the "if (buflen< sizeof(buffer))")  I haven't a clue about all this mad_* stuff, so I'm not sure what's suppose to be done when the buffer fills up.. I'm guessing it's attempting to compute track length, so if this is indeed a bad mp3 maybe it should just choke and return 0 length.. maybe someone more in-the-know could enlighten me.. let me know if there's more info I can provide.


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