[mythtv] Good MythTV Stuff

Michael J. Pedersen michael.j.pedersen at verizon.net
Sat May 24 12:02:24 EDT 2003

Wow, things are FINALLY looking good with this setup. It's been very
usable for a while, but watching tv on a 17" monitor is almost painful.
So, I've been trying to patch things up to do what I want them to do,
and have finally done so as of last night.

Extra hardware which I recommend to people to get if they're using
MythTV as their primary TV watching setup:
1) ATI All-In-Wonder 128 PCI  (and don't forget the GATOS drivers!)
2) Evation's IRMan infrared receiver (and don't forget LIRC to use it!)
3) Focus Enhancements TView Micro (NTSC or PAL edition)

Using LIRC, I've got a remote control working with this setup that is to
die for. Absolutely fantastic, and I can completely control mythtv from
the couch (well, almost... I've never cared enough to get the setup
functions completely workable).

The All-In-Wonder 128 PCI isn't QUITE as important that you stick with
that brand as opposed to any other. However, I'm recommending it because
it's a good quality card, with good quality output. I'm very hapy using
it as a second video card.

The TView Micro does a beautiful job converting the VGA output into NTSC
input for the tv. The only "drawback" is that it only provides a
composite signal in, and that's not necessarily ideal for everybody.

All in all, I'm very happy with this setup. It does an excellent job of
making things work, and has completely changed how I watch TV. Thanks to
all of you for the hard work you've put in so far, and the work you'll
put in later!
Michael J. Pedersen
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