[mythtv] Seektable file vs. DB

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri May 23 22:49:49 EDT 2003

Rather than emailing since I've already had 2 people interested in
the patch, here's a link:


This only fixes the nuppelvideo format files (ie, non-pvr250) since
they are the only ones with the seektable actually inside the file.

This patch basically adds a --seek option to mythcommflag which
will read through your whole .nuv file, then re-open for writing
and write out a new/fixed seektable.  I've tested this but to be
safe you should backup your original .nuv before running.

Also, this must be run from a machine which is configured as a
backend and has access to the .nuv file to be modified.  This is
because mythcommflag uses the database to find out where the
video storage directory is located.

Usage is as simple as

    mythcommflag --chanid 1010 --starttime 20030523013000 --seek

substituting in the correct chanid and starttime.

> Chris Pinkham wrote:
> >So, the main benefit is fixing and preventing broken files but there
> >are a couple smaller benefits as well.  I have code to re-create
> >the seektable in the file if it is damaged or non-existent but that
> >isn't really necessary with the patch I applied today.  I can email
> >it to anyone if they want, but don't expect it to show up CVS
> >anytime soon.
> >
> chris, i would love to have this.  i have a number of  broken recordings 
> that i want to edit and archive, but i need the seek tables.


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