[mythtv] Seektable file vs. DB

Brent Graveland brent at graveland.net
Sat May 24 01:23:03 EDT 2003

Chris Pinkham wrote:
> Rather than emailing since I've already had 2 people interested in
> the patch, here's a link:
> http://www.bc2va.org/chris/tmp/fix_seektable.diff
> This only fixes the nuppelvideo format files (ie, non-pvr250) since
> they are the only ones with the seektable actually inside the file.
> This patch basically adds a --seek option to mythcommflag which
> will read through your whole .nuv file, then re-open for writing
> and write out a new/fixed seektable.  I've tested this but to be
> safe you should backup your original .nuv before running.
> Also, this must be run from a machine which is configured as a
> backend and has access to the .nuv file to be modified.  This is
> because mythcommflag uses the database to find out where the
> video storage directory is located.
> Usage is as simple as
>     mythcommflag --chanid 1010 --starttime 20030523013000 --seek
> substituting in the correct chanid and starttime.

Thanks, works great - with a couple snags vs. current cvs - be_nice is 
int in on and boolean in the other, and --hogcpu vs --fullthrottle.

Already fixed a couple files - much appreciated!

Brent Graveland
brent at graveland.net

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