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Oscar Carlsson oscar.carlsson at home.se
Wed May 21 17:24:57 EDT 2003

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Hello Ben,

BB> Note  that  it's *not* working yet. There are still things to be worked out.
BB> You  are  the  first  one I hear talking about DVB-C at all. So, don't buy a
BB> card yet in anticipation of MythTV support unless you're willing to get your
BB> hands  dirty  and/or  (worst  case) get no MythTV support at all. That said,
BB> every helping hand is welcome :).

Well,  if  you'll  "promise" to help me getting it to work, I'm willing to buy a
card.  Since  the  drivers doesn't seem to be a problem, getting it to work with
MythTV  *shouldn't*  be  any  problem, right? Like, how big is the risk it won't
work  at  all? Of course you'll get access to the machine if you want to, during
the development. Sadly I'm not much of a coder myself.

>>wouldn't it be possible to make a dump  of my card (the one that goes into my normal decoder) and somehow software emulate  with  my  real keys? once i get this working, i want to use the decoder
>>with  the card in the bedroom instead, and ComHem (the cable provider) won't let me get another card without paying double the price.
BB> I'm not sure what you refer to. I assume you mean bouquet (a set of
BB> channel) which is encrypted and you need a decoder and a card (with
BB> corresponding subscription) to decode it.

Yes. Exactly.

BB> If so, then I am not aware of any "software-only" solutions. Even if
BB> such a solution exists, it would be legally in the grey or black area,
BB> because it would be totally easy to use it for "piracy" (watching and
BB> not paying, just copying the card of your friend) in combination with
BB> DVB-S. At least that's how many legislatives and providers see it (my
BB> personal opinion is vastly different.)

Software  emulators  are  availible  on  Windows, and yes, they can be used in a
"piracy" way. But that's not my intention. An icepick is a very dangerous weapon
in  the  wrong  hands, but does that make it illegal? Everything can be used the
wrong way.

BB> There are specialized hardware solutions, called Common Access / Common
BB> Interface (CA/CI). You card must provide a CI/CA slot, you must buy a
BB> CA/CI module that matches the type of your card and you must then insert
BB> the card there whenever you want to see encrypted channels.

Probably  I'll  have  to  do it this way. The Happaugauge/Technotrend cards have
this  capability.  Will  it be possible to determine, without the CAM module, if
the  card will be useable at all? (this way I won't have to buy it if everything
goes to hell, hehe)

BB> In  any  case,  this is offtopic for MythTV. I don't think that the software
BB> notices the card and encrption at all, this is all hardware-based. (Or would
BB> probably  be  implemented  as  a  driver,  if  a  "software"  solution  were
BB> implemented.)

Okay, just thought you maybe knew anything about it.

Some other questions.

Subtitles  are  broadcasted  seperatly somehow, right? I guess this doesn't work

Does  this  type  of card support PiP without having two cards? I've got a vague
memory  of  you writing that sometime, pointing out that the only thing stopping
that  is  that  MythTV doesn't know about it. Is that true? Would that also mean
that multiple recordings and watching at the same time would be possible?

Is the onboard MPEG-2 Hardware-Decoder useable in any way?


Version: 2.6


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