[mythtv] Sorting in EPG Program Finder

Ben Marchandise mythbma at yahoo.fr
Thu May 15 14:48:26 EDT 2003

Hello, here is an updated version of my patch:

1. The list of articles now comes from the tr()
function, instead of the database. This is good, as
this string really belongs to the translation domain.
The only drawback is that the string to be translated
"The -A " is a bit cryptic, so the translators may
have trouble translating it, if they do not look at
the source !

2. Apparently it works now with non-English articles,
(I've tested it with one case).

I hope it can go to CVS this time.

About mysql and UTF8:
 --- Pierre-Olivier Bouchard
<petecool at vl.videotron.ca> wrote :
> Actually, L'été would be show at the very end of the
> list of all shows 
> starting by L'.
> Lié appears in the list after Liz, for example.

If French articles are not used, you're right. I think
the order problem is another consequence of mysql not
supporting UTF8, so the ORDER BY clause return
non-English caracters at the end of the alphabet. 

But in my example, I was supposing that French
articles were used. So "L'" is an articles, and L'été
should be shown at the E letter. But, as mysql is kind
this kind of query:

SELECT title FROM program
WHERE title LIKE  'E%' OR title LIKE 'L\'E%' ...

, and as the current version mysql is not UTF8-aware,
it does not see that L'été (stored in UTF8) is LIKE
L'E, and this title is not shown at all. I hope it
will fixed with the next version of mysql.


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