[mythtv] Sorting in EPG Program Finder

Pierre-Olivier Bouchard petecool at vl.videotron.ca
Tue May 13 07:14:50 EDT 2003

Ben Marchandise wrote:

>But, while we're talking of non-English characters, we
>have a limitation: the titles having a such character
>as the first letter of the first significant word (not
>an article) cannot be displayed in EPG :-(
>(as in "L'été" in French: first letter after the "L'"
>article is "é", so not displayed)
>I think this is because the data is stored in UTF8 in
>the database, and UTF8 is not supported by mysql
>yet(it will be in next version 4.1, now in alpha
>stage). So the LIKE clause does not see that "é" is
>LIKE "e", and as a result "L'été" is not displayed at
>letter "E", or anywhere else. So this should be fixed
>when we use mysql 4.1.
>Can anyone confirm this ?
Actually, L'été would be show at the very end of the list of all shows 
starting by L'.
Lié appears in the list after Liz, for example.


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