[mythtv] Ideal System For Getting Started.

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Mon May 12 19:10:19 EDT 2003

> Looking for specs for an ideal computer system, I've seen a few links
> passed around and even looked at one site with details on what people
> were using however, nothing specific.  Can anyone point me in the
> direction of a site that lists the system from top to bottom... or can
> someone list a system top to bottom of what is needed for development,
> and viewing pleasure!  OS flavor?  

I've been raving about my Pundit on the users list, so I'll continue it
here.  I just got an Asus Pundit (just search for that on google, it's
the first link).  It's a little tricky to get the video working (no
worse than anything else, though), and the NIC driver isn't integrated
into the kernel (but it's a really quick compile, and is GPL'd), but
that's mainly because the hardware is really new.  Anyway, it comes with
a ton of stuff integrated, and is REALLY REALLY quiet (better than the
shuttles, which were originally my first choice)..   2 PCI slots,
onboard everything else.  Another drawback is that there's only one IDE
channel, so it needs a fast dvd/cd drive to avoid dragging down the hard

I originally put in a 2.0Ghz p4 celeron, but it was a bit slow for my
desire to have 640x480 live tv, so I swapped it for a 2.4Ghz p4 proper
(it's nice working for a systems integrator), and it now works great.

my TV card is just a PCTV Pro I picked up for $5 after rebate a year
ago.  I eventually plan to replace it with a hauppage pvr-250, and maybe
one of the supported ATI cards that comes with an RF remote (rather than

Anyway, now that I got my camcorder back (its stills are better than my
digital camera), I'll be taking some pics and putting up some info on
the web - but that'll probably be too late to help you.

> Also, there had been talk of burning the whole system to a bootable CD
> with all needed components... where might I read more on that?  Download
> images? Etc?

That was me (unless there is already something in progress).  And it was
just talk for the moment.  Once I get things down a little more, I plan
to first release some good rpms for all of myth (since there are only
ones for mythtv at the moment), and then work on something more
complex.  The problem with making a bootable CD is that there are just
too many video/sound card combinations out there, not to mention
remotes, etc.


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