[mythtv] mythbackend from CVS segfaults watching LiveTV

Bryan Mayland bmayland at leoninedev.com
Mon May 12 12:01:16 EDT 2003

I'm getting segfaults running the latest mythbackend from CVS.  They 
occur anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple hours into watching Live TV.  
I've started trying to track down why it happens, but am having little 
success so far.  The problem only occurs in a release build so getting a 
meaningful backtrace from gbd is proving difficult.  Here's what I get 
from a bt without debug symbols.

(gdb) bt
#0  0x0805ffd1 in 
#1  0x484033a0 in ??
Cannot access memory at address 0x8

The caller and memory address vary per crash, but it always ends in that 
function.  I'm not looking for a solution from the community for this, 
as I still have other avenues to persue.  I'm only mentioning it as a 
potential stumbling block to a 0.9 release.

I'll post back when I have more information.

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