[mythtv] Old Recordings

Panix mythtv at cox-internet.com
Wed May 7 11:03:00 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 07 May 2003 06:36 am, Davide Chiarini wrote:
> > The reason I ask is that I have started recording the Thunderbirds series
> > that is coming on TechTV and am having some issues with this.  The Show
> > name and Subtitle are the same for each show. Each show is 2 parts, each
> > 30 mins in length. So the first part gets recorded but not the second
> > part, because Myth wont allow duplicate recordings.  Can we change this?
> if anyone is goning to work on this please keep in mind that some work is
> being done to improve xmltv's file format. one of the new attributes
> ('part') will solve this (common) situation where a show is splitted in 2
> in a listing.
> note that this is different than recording the same show (as in reruns)
> twice,  though.
> davide

I like how it works now as far as not recording the same show over and over, 
but believe there should be an 'override' ability as well.

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