[mythtv] Old Recordings

Davide Chiarini mnbjhguyt at yahoo.it
Wed May 7 14:36:11 EDT 2003

> The reason I ask is that I have started recording the Thunderbirds series
> that is coming on TechTV and am having some issues with this.  The Show name
> and Subtitle are the same for each show. Each show is 2 parts, each 30 mins
> in length. So the first part gets recorded but not the second part, because
> Myth wont allow duplicate recordings.  Can we change this?

if anyone is goning to work on this please keep in mind that some work is being
done to improve xmltv's file format. one of the new attributes ('part') will
solve this (common) situation where a show is splitted in 2 in a listing.

note that this is different than recording the same show (as in reruns) twice,  though.


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