[mythtv] tiny code improvement.

michael at optusnet.com.au michael at optusnet.com.au
Sun May 11 18:19:57 EDT 2003

Isaac Richards <ijr at po.cwru.edu> writes:
> On Saturday 10 May 2003 11:49 pm, michael at optusnet.com.au wrote:
> > Here a patch that starts what I'm talking about...
> > See DiskLoop() and ReadAheadThread() for examples.
> > I've not yet changed ::Read which would similarly
> > shrink.
> This breaks a number of things.  Instead of spending time on very marginal 
> cosmetic improvements and inane comments, why not spend your efforts on real 
> issues?

Had to start somewhere. This is the area which is causing me lots of
problems. There are very real issues here.

#1. Mythtv simply doesn't work when a remote machine is more than
20ms away on network. It fails randomly when playing back.

#2. Mythtv is very slow to change position. Skipping forward
30sec or 10 min can take 10's of seconds.

#3. Mythtv doesn't cope which high bitrate data streams. Using
a 3 megabyte/sec video stream is enough to cause both recording
and playback to choke.

All three of these indicate (to me in my ignorance) buffering,
network, and disk handling problems.

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