[mythtv] SetChannel before watching LiveTV or recording

raldrich at mac.com raldrich at mac.com
Fri May 9 15:25:00 EDT 2003

I'd like to see the channel set every time for an entirely different 
reason - My RCA DSS receiver likes to go to sleep if it hasn't been 
fiddled with for a while - If mythTV comes back to the same channel 
after the receiver has gone to sleep, without issuing a change channel 
command (or at least an on command), everything locks up because the 
receiver isn't producing video.

Perhaps a checkbox in the tuner setup is in order?

On Friday, May 9, 2003, at 06:51  AM, Joseph A. Caputo wrote:

> Quite honestly, I would absolutely avoid running *any* program that 
> messes
> with the tuner card while simultaneously running mythbackend.  The 
> reason:
> an external program has no knowledge (unless you've written it to read 
> the
> Myth database, or talk to mythbackend) whether mythbackend is currently
> using the tuner for a scheduled recording.  So, a daemon that 
> periodically
> grabs the tuner could very well change the channel out from under an
> in-progress Myth recording.
> I realize some people have setups where they cannot avoid doing this, 
> but
> realize that MythTV is designed to assume it has sole control of the 
> tuner
> device.

Actually, mythTV should only assume it has sole control of a tuner 
while it has an open connection to it.  Once the tuner is released, 
it's fair game for other processes - From Markus' description, it 
sounds like nxtvepg is playing by the rules.

> -JAC
>> -----Original Message-----
>> Hi all,
>> I need mythtv to tune in the current channel every time it uses the
>> device because externel programs (like nxtvepg) change the channels
>> without the notice of mythtv. Isaac supposed to change the channels
>> back, but nxtvepg is a daemon and cycles the channels all the time to
>> collect epg-data. It releases the device immediately when mythtv grabs
>> it... but with another channel tuned in as mythtv expects it.
>> greets markus


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