[mythtv] Small MythTV issues

Christian Hack christianh at pdd.edmi.com.au
Wed May 7 22:57:07 EDT 2003

OK. Here's a very small diff for problem number 1 to start, now that I have
diffs sorted out.

Haven't figured out mythmusic yet though...


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> Basically got my box all going great now except for some minor issues
> related to the interface.
> 1) Pressing return in EPG doesn't work to get to the extra information
> screen. The way I understand it spacebar and return/enter should be
> interchangeable. I noticed this once I started using my Pinnacle
> PCTV remote
> since the config file supplied uses enter/return for the middle button.
> Every other thing seems to accept Enter/Return OK though.
> Pressing either I
> or space on the keyboard correctly takes me to the extra info but even
> enter/return on the keyboard doesn't.
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